About Us

Our Story

Welcome to the Teddy's Family!

It all started on a Sunday afternoon in July 2019, when at footy half time Ellis quickly popped out, without anyone noticing and returned home with an 8 week old puppy who we now call Teddy. Our beloved Labrador.

We made the decision to transition Teddy to raw food the day he came home and couldn't believe the difference it made to his health.

We started spreading the word about the benefits of raw feeding and haven't looked back since.

We look forward to helping you and your own four-legged friend on your journey to raw.

Best Wishes,
Ellis, Jessica & Teddy.


So Why Raw?

For us, the decision was simple, we feed our children home-made meals full of nutrition with limited processed foods... so why not do the same for our dog?

Processed wet dog food and biscuits contain cheap, low quality ingredients that are full of chemicals and fillers where the nutrients become lost.

Raw dog food contains human grade DEFRA approved, british meat that is frozen for freshness, giving dogs everything they need for a healthy well balanced diet.

So why not join us in our fight to get dogs eating raw. Our dog deserves to eat like family, and so does yours!